A Simple Guide to Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures Tutorials

Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures features many tutorials on polymer clay sculpture. Here’s a list of tutorials that are currently available on this site.

About my tutorials

My tutorials up until this point are very friendly towards those new to polymer clay sculpture. Over the course of many subjects, you’ll learn how to make a craft wire skeleton, how to properly wrap tinfoil on the skeleton, and how to layer on the polymer clay. You’ll learn how to create details such as action figure prototype fingers, hands, faces, and more. There are also tutorials on Christmas ornaments, refrigerator magnets and there are many new projects on the horizon. I also have a YouTube channel that supplements most of the tutorials.

Some people like to follow videos to learn while others prefer having a list of text and pictures with the steps in front of them. When it comes to my preference in learning, I often go with the text over the video. On the other hand, I learned how to layer polymer clay by watching videos. It really depends on the situation and whatever you’re most comfortable with. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn the post notifications on so you can get to my new ones as soon as they’re posted. I can only imagine what’s next, the sky is the limit and I have no boundaries. If you want to create things from polymer clay, take on the same attitude because there are no limits to what you can do. Let’s get started.

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First Polymer Clay Tutorial

The first tutorial I made for the website was a return to form for myself. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to go about it but I knew it had to be helpful for beginners. With that in my, the first tutorial is as basic as it gets. Everything you need to get started is there. I also have an image gallery displaying my progress as I create an orc-like figurine. Unfortunately, this tutorial isn’t as in-depth as others I’ve made since and no video accompanies this project. It comes up short because the tutorial doesn’t go into depth with creating hands, fingers, and the face. It’s still a good tutorial for those getting started, but I have others that delve further into the intricate details of creating hands, fingers, faces, and more.

Orc close up

Making a Yeti from Polymer Clay

I have to give my wife credit for this one, what a great idea! When I think of this tutorial, I laugh, simply because of the subject. How to create your very own Yeti since it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to the real thing. My wife knows I was a big fan of Bigfoot and the Yeti when I was young. Heck, there was even a time that I thought these creatures actually existed. My father always believed in Bigfoot. What sold him on it was that all the different Native American tribes all had similar stories of a man-like primate. The most well-known name that’s most remembered from the Native Americans is the Sasquatch. I’m sure different tribes had different names but it is strange how they all have similar stories across the large range of the North American continent. Who knows, maybe one day we may get a surprise. For now, it’s best to make your own Yeti.

How to make a Yeti part 26

Making a Polymer Clay Figure

A leftover face was the inspiration for this particular tutorial. It includes a complete three-part video from start to finish. It, however, lacks still pictures. On this tutorial, I really wanted to focus more on creating a video for those who prefer it over pictures and a list of steps in text form. The character itself came out okay, but I didn’t have a concrete plan going into it. I was going for a satyr or faun but it came out more like a devil. Still, this tutorial addresses many issues in video format and works for the purpose it was ultimately intended for. If you’re new to polymer clay sculpture, I highly recommend having a plan, taking it at a slow pace and pay close attention to detail.

Action figure prototype

Polymer Clay Refrigerator Magnets

Now, this was a lot of fun. I wanted to create a tutorial on how to make a face with polymer clay to show the layering process and how to create facial detail. Since I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first face that I made (and because the YouTube video suffered from poor lighting), I ended up with no less than four faces. One of the four was smaller than the others so I ended up using it for another project but what could I do with these other three faces? This is the great thing about polymer clay sculpture and creativity in general, one can always come up with an idea. I order some small, self-adhesive magnets. The three faces make great refrigerator magnets! A fun tutorial which helps you to create nice figurines you can keep for yourself, or give away as gifts. They’re also great for seasons and the holidays.

Polymer Clay Ideas Part 1: Refrigerator Magnets

How to Make a Face With Polymer Clay

Another one of my earlier tutorials when I was still experimenting on how I should lay them out. So, I created a wizard which is well documented but not as in-depth as the second tutorial when I created a witch. This tutorial also has two videos that show how I did the layering and detail. Unfortunately, I had some lighting issues with the earlier video tutorials but this was ultimately corrected in later installments. Check out my seven steps to creating a face from polymer clay.

How to make a polymer clay face Part 8

How to Make a Polymer Clay Witch

A lot of layering and detail in this one. Part two in my How to Make a Polymer Clay Face series. I really felt this tutorial needed more in-depth detail on layering and detailing facial features. That was my main focus and luckily I had an idea of what to do with my witch when she was complete. She joined the likes of Santa Claus and a Wizard to become a series of refrigerator magnets. There’s also a video to help you along with this one. If you’re looking to learn how to detail a face, this is a good one. From there you can have a look at my refrigerator magnet tutorial. 

How to make a polymer clay witch

How to Make a Polymer Clay Snowman Christmas Ornament

More seasonal and holiday-themed polymer clay creation tutorials are coming in the future. In the meantime, I have an easy tutorial for beginners on how to make a snowman from polymer clay. While I created a Christmas tree ornament out of the snowman here, you can either do the same or it can also be placed on the mantle. I purposely went with the snowman because it’s one of the easiest to create from a beginners perspective, but also looks good enough to make you feel more confident in polymer clay sculpture. Believe me, the Santa Claus ornament wasn’t as easy but you’ll get there. While I’m kind of dreading it, a Santa Claus ornament tutorial in both text and video form is tentatively scheduled for this coming holiday season. I’ll be well rested for this one I assure you.

Making a snowman out of polymer clay part 15

How to Use Polymer Clay (Recreating Gulik Horridus of the Troglodytarum)

Gulik Horridus of the Troglodytarum has the true distinction of being my very first attempt at polymer clay sculpture and I must say, I’m pleased with him. Even so, the idea of recreating the second version of Gulik Horridus has been in my mind since 2015. I figured what a great way to finally get it done than in one of my earliest tutorials. This is a cool tutorial because it details the hands, fingers, and face. It also includes the body to a fair extent. This one pretty much has it all and even includes a three-part video series documenting the entire journey. Did I do a better job on Gulik the second time around? The answer is up to you!

The new figure.

How to Make a Polymer Clay Action Figure Prototype (Part 1)

I had a dealing with a toy broker that I discussed on a post which gave me the idea of creating an action figure prototype tutorial. Basically, this is similar to other tutorials where I create a mythical-based figurine. There’s no video to go with this particular project as it is very similar to the others. What is good about this two-part series is that it breaks down the detail of creating the craft wire skeleton and wrapping it in tinfoil in fourteen steps. This definitely has the most detail (with text and pictures) if you’re needing more direction when creating a craft wire skeleton.

How to Make a Polymer Clay Action Figure Prototype Part 15

Making an Action Figure Prototype (Part 2)

Part two in this two-part series covers everything from layering on the polymer clay to creating the face and baking the finished project in the oven. As the first part of this series, there is no video tutorial that supplements it, just lots of pictures and text. While creating the face is well covered in detail here, I suggest you check out the tutorial on recreating Gulik Horridus for complete coverage on how to create hands and fingers. My action figure prototype came out rather strange-looking because I didn’t have a concrete plan going into it. While I just winged it on this one, it’s usually best to have a plan either on paper or in your head. On the other hand, sometimes letting the clay do the talking is fun too!

Action figure prototype

More polymer clay sculpting tutorials to come!

I hope you find value in my tutorials, I’m certainly open to requests and suggestions. Note that there’s much more to come and all new tutorials past this point are conveniently listed below this summary. Best of luck to you with all your polymer clay creations and may your inspiration flow!

A Guide to Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures Tutorials

A Simple Guide to Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures Tutorials

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