How to Make a Polymer Clay Witch Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a polymer clay witch. The main goal for this tutorial is to show how to properly layer polymer clay creating facial details.

Two in one polymer clay article

This article is a combination of two subjects. How to build a polymer clay witch and how to make a polymer face, part 3, the last installment of the series. If you follow my YouTube channel, you know that I already had two other tutorials on how to create a face from polymer clay. I wasn’t happy with the two videos the first or second time.

How to make a polymer clay witch

Why not give it another shot until it’s right? Yes, at some point, I have to get it right. Finally, with the third video, I’m more satisfied with the quality which was my only problem with them in the first place. The two faces came out well, but the video picture was too dark and/or too far away to see the detail. More improvements are to come in the near future.

Polymer clay witch prototype number two

You’ve already been introduced to Delilah the witch, it was time to go a slightly different direction and please note that I’m finished with witches for a while after this one. I know it’s a popular subject among polymer clay enthusiasts, especially during the Halloween season. The next step is to bake the recent faces I created and placed self-adhesive magnets on the back of them. The basic idea is to make refrigerator magnets out of them. While this will definitely be covered in a future video for my YouTube channel, I’m not sure if it’ll warrant enough content for a blog post. We shall see. Enough self-promotion, for now, let’s get to our subject of the article.

A few notes on the construction of the new polymer clay witch

This time I really wanted to emphasize layering polymer clay in detail. That’s why I added an exaggerated chin, cheekbones, and a more pronounced forehead split into two, above the eyelids. In some types of clay sculpture, the idea is to sculpt (carve) away at a large piece of clay creating detail that way. With my kind of polymer clay creations, I add layers of clay on top of the original piece, whether it be a face, arms, legs, or what have you. When creating an action figure prototype, I’ll take an arm, leg, or the shoulders and add layers to bulk on the muscle. It’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.

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Polymer clay versus claymation clay

In actuality, polymer clay isn’t clay, it’s plastic. PVC precisely Polymer clay has no genuine clay particles in it. This is why sculpting with true clays is probably different. I had a great interest in claymation when I got started creating polymer clay fantasy figures.

How to make a polymer clay witch video tutorial

In fact, I bought two types of clay when I first got started, one was polymer clay and the other was the type of clay used in claymation (old school stop-motion animation). Keep in mind this is back in 2014. I still have the claymation clay in my closet, unopened, never used. This is not the kind of clay you bake. When it came down to it, I decided my best course of action was to create prototypes for action figures that baked solid when finished. Will I ever get involved in stop-motion animation? I doubt it. Such animation is so outdated it doesn’t seem worth it.

Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures has a YouTube channel

Did I mention that I have a YouTube channel? Of course, I did! Be sure to check it out for tutorials and other fun stuff like my old promos for The Quest for Kimel Drago. Expect more content to come in the following weeks as I spread out into other realms. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you’ll be notified of when I post a new video! Lots of fun to come. Thanks! 

How to Make a Polymer Clay Witch Tutorial

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