The Quest for Kimel Drago

As I briefly mentioned on the homepage of this site, The Quest for Kimel Drago is a story I created a few years back based on the clay figurines I created. The story is not complete at this time. I consider this an extremely rough draft, you should too. Expect more completed chapters in the future.

The Story of Kimel Drago – The Current Conflict

The story I am about to relate takes place sometime before 9428 BC (at least 9,000 years before the birth of Greek philosopher Plato) on the now lost continent of Kimel Drago.

The Quest for Kimel Drago
The Map of Kimel Drago | Polymer Clay Fantasy Figures

Once in the north of Kimel Drago stood two great cities including Maggita and the Kingdom of Korbus. Two just Kings ruled the lands, King Leinad, and King Korbus. The two Kings each wore magical crowns presented to them by Nithramous, the Wizard of Kimel Drago. The two kingdoms enjoyed a prosperous friendship between themselves. They were close allies and stood together against the dark forces of the Troglodytarum (from the Odsted Mountains) and the Wilkolach (from the Rydall Mountains).

When the Black Wizard Witalis Atrox exiled from his world he first came upon Maggita city. Originally in a human-like form, Atox went humbly before King Leinad to gain his trust. He presented his majesty with a magical amulet called Janikorm. Unbeknownst to King Leinad, the Amulet (and the wizard) were both evil which would soon lead him astray.

King Leinad fell into a state of extreme paranoia under the Black Wizard Witalis Atrox possession through the Amulet of Janikorm. He declared war on King Korbus who soon believed had a secret plot to overtake the kingdom of Maggita and to steal his magical crown intending to rule all Kimel Drago. During this time, the Black Wizard Witalis Atrox secretly made a deal with the Troglodytarum. He promised them untold riches and the complete domination of Kimel Drago if they would only do his bidding. War waged upon the two cities from both sides until they fell into ruin and the two once great Kings met their doom and were no more. The now ruins of Maggita fell under the rule of the Black Wizard Witalis Atrox.

The survivors of the two cities were forced to head south where they would take residence and build new towns. Among the survivors were Magnus Adamanteus, the infant son of King Leinad, and the Wizard Nithramous who served under the said King. Upon learning of the treachery and betrayal of Atrox, The Wizard Nithramous left him with a parting gift. He turned Atrox into a hideous and obese viper-like creature. Under this new image, the evil intentions of The Black Wizard Witalis Atrox would be unmistakable and he could no longer pose as an innocent and unfortunate victim of chance.

The Wizard Nithramous also was able to claim the Amulet of Janikorm. While such an amulet could corrupt a human, Nithramous was a being from another world and seemed immune to its charm (although he is unable to get help from its power). Unfortunate for Atrox whose powers lessened by its absence, along with his inability to travel multiple dimensions without it.

Unbeknownst to the former residents of Korbus, there was a babe left. Thought dead, yet still very much alive; the infant son of King Korbus. Gulik Horridus found the babe among the ashen ruins and presented him to The Black Wizard Witalis Atrox who, along with Naggana, raised him. He was later groomed into a great warrior. Atrox would later pit the son of Korbus against the son of Leinad. The evil one led him to believe that King Leinad betrayed his father King Korbus and that the son of King Leinad wanted to rule his kingdom. The dark lord Canine Reapis is sworn to revenge against Magnus for his father’s betrayal.

Magnus would need an army. With the help of Nithramous, they recruited warriors from families who over the years had migrated and colonized Kimel Drago from distant lands. The greatest warriors of their kind would help in the struggle against Atrox and his dreadful minions.

Much would hang in the balance between the forces of good and evil in the land of Kimel Drago. Would the land see a new age of peace, prosperity, and stability or would evil, darkness and chaos reign forevermore?

So it came to pass; the forces of darkness from the north led by Caine Reapis and The Black Wizard Witalis Atrox push ever forward to the south for the last fall of Kimel Drago. As the odds build in favor of the warriors of darkness, a new hero has come of age – Magnus Adamanteus; the son of the King Leinad of Maggita. He and his allies remained determined to recover the magic crowns and to find a way to drive the warlike Troglodytarum and Wilkolach from the lands back to the mountains from whence they came; to ultimately thwart the evil intentions of Caine Reapis and The Black Wizard Witalis Atrox.

The Quest for Kimel Drago Digital Comic Book

Book 1 of Kimel Drago – Complete History

The story I am about to relate takes place sometime before 9428 BC (at least 9,000 years before the birth of Greek philosopher Plato) on the now lost continent of Kimel Drago.

1. Hornborg – The old country

During the early times before civilized man starting to claim the earth for his own, there existed a large continent known as Kimel Drago. It was a land rich with forests, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, and acres upon acres of fertile land. The climate, for the most part, was temperate and welcoming to most living things.
The north which contained all the mountainous regions had colder winters, while the south was warmer; hosting many rolling hills, forests, and plains. The northernmost peninsula of Sorghel would later experiences winter year round. This is due to a spell; a story I am to relate at a later time. Most agree that the earliest non-human civilization could have been the Wilkolach who became established in the northern mountains of Naheld, although it seems more likely the Mountain Boomers of Lokia were the first tribes.

2. The Openheim

The first recorded history of civilized beings that happened to settle on Kimel Drago were believed to have been of extraterrestrial origin. From the stars came a race being called the Openheim, a peaceful race who created the first city called Hornborg on the peninsula of Eligon. They were a magical group of beings, their skin color being blue, their height being rather dwarfish. They spoke in their own unique tongue and the magical powers of the Openheim varied from one to another. There were few, if any, warriors among them and were generally not skilled with swords, spears or arrows. Under normal circumstances, these beings could live for nearly a thousand years. Hornborg ruled by Nithrombom whom I suppose could be referred to as a king. By his side, his youngest magician known as Nithramous. Nithramous continued to show great potential in his ever maturing magical capabilities. He offered great promise to Nithrombom, to perhaps one day take his place as ruler. He was just an honest as the people of Hornborg were. Unfortunately, this would never come to pass.

3. An untamed land and its folk

The peninsula of Eligon laid parallel to the peninsula of Lokia, home of the original race of Kimel Dragonians, namely, the mountain boomers. The peninsulas surrounded by enough water to separate the two and keep them from ever meeting. In fact, the two didn’t even know of each other’s existence at the time. None of the Openheim ever traveled outside the safe confines of Horborg, nor did they travel to the south to explore the rest of the continent.

They would sometime later discover to the north of Eligon a menacing forest folk known as the giblings. Gidlings are a race of small, malevolent forest folk. They are familiar with lesser magic and will also take up daggers and short swords. They seem to have features like rabbits and can leap at great lengths. At a later time, they would be known to sometimes haunt the dreams of human children.
To the south, the haglid trolls began to make their presence known. The haglid trolls would lurk the southern forests in search of food. They are omnivores although they seem to prefer meat. These creatures are not especially intelligent and would communicate mostly through grunts and groans. The Haglid Trolls tend to move slowly, especially the larger ones. Unlike other trolls, note that direct sunlight does not turn these creatures into stone but they tend to not like it very much. They prefer nighttime over day although one cannot rule out an encounter during the hours of sunlight.

The Openheim were wary of getting to close to the shores of the western peninsula for there could be found the krakenmaren. The krakenmaren are a strange group of sea creatures which would occasionally come ashore looking for anything they could overpower with intending a hearty meal. They were, of course, excellent swimmers with long and powerful red claws which proved deadly to many a victim. They weren’t particularly nimble on land though; they were not difficult to outrun. The krakenmaren were an ambush predator.

Unfortunately, as with all civilizations, there is a beginning and there is an end. What could bring destruction to this once great and peaceful city? What could bring a premature end to the beings known as the Openheim? It would become the first major conflict and tragedy in the recorded history of Kimel Drago.

4. Three by the fire wind, they came

On one particular morning in the early spring in Hornborg after a winter that saw not a single flake of snow appeared from the sky three dragons, colored red and black. With them, they brought their wrath down upon the city. Nithrombom summoned his greatest wizards including the young Nithramous whose premonition of the event went ignored by the rest of the community. As the dragons came down upon the towers of Hornborg, Nithrombom quickly realized his destruction was close at hand. The heavy, spiked tails of the dragons laid low all the homes of the Openheim. As his wizards fell one by one, the genocide of the Openheim begun. Nithrombom told his favorite pupil, the young Nithramous to flee to the south. The young wizard looked back one last time upon his home before leaving the ashes not to return for many centuries. Nithramous was on his own, alone, without a home forced to explore the outer regions of Kimel Drago. No earthly (or otherwise) treasure was claimed by the dragons, their motivation quickly became clear as they quickly gobbled down the openheim almost seeming like a competition between the three. When the dragons had finished their conquest, they flew to the northern mountains of Eligon where they made their new home deep in the caverns. As one would imagine, this made for a very perilous journey through the area.

5. The new residents of Hornborg

As nature takes its course, life goes on. The ruins of Hornborg were uninhabitable by most tribes, a new one took the ruined city for their own, the haglid trolls. The haglid trolls originated from the southern lands of Eligon and perhaps further than that. They soon migrated to the ruins until None of their numbers were left in the south. The giblings also found use among the ruins. The two would go on to live in coexistence, though they were never allies by any stretch of the imagination.

Book 2 – Central Kimel Drago

6. The struggle between the Wilkolach and the Troglodytarum

It is commonly accepted that the Wilkolach and the troglodytarum are of the earliest tribes of north-central Kimel Drago. The wilkolach once thrived but in less number than the troglodytarum in the northern mountains Naheld and Chaosforors while the troglodytarum originated from the Odsted mountains to the east. While there is some area between the two mountainous ranges, as their numbers grew, the paths of the wilkolach and troglodytarum crossed many times. They became rivals to one another, in search of the same target prey and to expand their tribes although the troglodytarum always outnumbered wilckolch from the early days up until today. Their battles often occurred at night with both sides scouting out each other’s whereabouts. The struggle lasted many, many years with no real victory being claimed by with side since neither gave up any land to the other that they hadn’t controlled for years. They seemed evenly matched with some battles going to the troglodytarum and some going to the wilkolach. One thing was for certain and that was during this period both the troglodytarum and the wilkolach dominated the areas now known as Naheld an Chaosforos.

7. The gorblagon, giblings and the verminog

There were, of course, other beings in the area such as the gorblagon. The Gorblagonn are an ancient race of giants who originate from the Hills of Serifornum. They seem to have the qualities of an elephant, armadillo, and a sloth. The gorblagon was somewhat limited in number race of giants and later their numbers would sharply decline due to the thriving Troglodytarum population in Naheld. These were slow and lumbering monsters but were able to keep both the troglodytarum and the wilkolach from progressing into their hills although the gorblagon lost many of their own in defending their home. The Gorblagonn are extremely powerful but not especially intelligent. These hulking giants will hurl boulders or trees at their victims.

There was also a tribe that opposed both the troglodytarum and the wilkolach called the dragonian giants. They too limited in number compared to the troglodytarum and wilkolach and could be found near or around the northern border of Naheld and Chaosforos. It could be said that when both the gorblagon and the dragonion giants were both neutral in their nature, neither of them pressing towards a new direction to claim as their domain. In fact, of all these inhabitants, the troglodytarum were the most adamant about increasing their numbers and spreading out to conquer new domains. Even the wilkolach were more modest with their goals of conquest.

It should alone be noted that around this time the first giblings of Eligon started to make their presence in the area.

along with the nomadic tribe of the verminog. The Verminog are a primitive race though not nearly as primitive as the Mountain Boomers. They are filthy vermin, rat-like humanoids who live as scavengers and act as mercenaries. A semi-nomadic tribe, they are active mainly at night and prefer to go unseen and steal and not attack and fight. Nevertheless, when they do fight, they do so fiercely use sharp claws, teeth and primitive weapons like daggers and whips. They are disgusting, carrying and spreading various disease and plague.

8. The first battle of Naheld

The very first time in recorded history that a truce came about between the troglodytarum and the wilkolach was when two of the dragons of Hornborg attempted to overtake the lands of Naheld and Chaosforos. The surprise attack caused the death of many of the troglodytarum and the wilkolach but unlike the Openheim, these beings were born and bred for war. The troops of the two armies gathered and they forged a temporary alliance which enabled them to defend their land successfully at their cost of the two dragons lives. At this point in history, only two dragons of Hornborg remained on Kimel Drago. A female and its offspring called Goronlocke. Goronlocke hatched on Kimel Drago and at this point, he and his mother were the last of the great dragonion dragons. His father and uncle met their ends after a long and bloody battle with the troglodytarum and the Wilkolach who both were able to use their meat to feed their tribes. Soon after the battle was over the general school of thought was that they were the only two dragons on Kimel Drago. The two then betrayed each other as the truce end and the fight over their meat began which even the verminog took part in stealing scraps of flesh before moving on to their next food source.

Book 3 – The story of Lokia

9. The first human’s presence

The peninsula of Lokia from the outside seems like a haven of peaceful forests, rolling hills a freshwater stream that flows between to large lakes and a mountainous region to the north called Oldenlore. Lokia stands divided by two named forests; the Belogrin forest to the north and the Elorgrin first to the north. As you would imagine, winters to the north are colder and receive much snowfall second only to Sorghel. There is a trail that ominously comes to an abrupt end not far from the border of Aldaren.

There are a few points that make Lokia significant. First. It is the home of Kimel Drago’s oldest residents, the dinosaur-like Mountain Boomers. The mountain boomers are a barbaric and warlike race of reptilian humanoids. luckily, the mountain boomers seldom if ever travel south outside the Oldenlore mountain range but may the gods be with you if you travel into their area. Their threat limits to the warm seasons of spring and summer. By the autumn, depending on how quickly the cooler temperatures set in will decide when the mountain boomers go dormant and hibernate throughout the cold winter nights deep in the caverns under the mountains of Oldenlore. Due to some sporadic volcanic activity deep down in the depths of the caverns keeps the temperatures well above freezing, making it a perfect winter retreat for Kimel Drago’s earliest residents.

Lokia would also become known as the first town of human settlers which occurred well after the fall of Hornborg. They supposedly originated from the east arriving in a ship in search of such a fertile land.

They arrived north of the peninsula at the bay of Ambrolene and after an unpleasant meeting with the krakenmaren, they traveled through the woods of Elorgrin forest where they finally came across a clearing where they set up camp. They soon built a rather small and modest town there but had plenty of food and resources to keep them thriving for a time.

10. Delilah

There was a young woman who was born to a pair of Lokians. They named her Delilah. Delilah grew up an only child as her mother was usually infertile. Delilah had an ambitious mischievous way about her. It was in her first teenage year that her aunt introduced her to sorcery and what is now known as witchcraft.

There are several stories on how the Jaqwalogs came into existence and why they haunt the area although there is still no solid proof of their existence. The most popular story of their origin tells the tale over a century ago when the old hag Delilah the Witch placed a curse on a town that supposedly once existed in southern Lokia. The townspeople did cast the witch out of their village during the dead of winter to perish. In fact, the evil witch Delilah survived. In turn, they became cursed by the witch to have only deformed children with enlarged, swollen heads. This eventually led to the entire town’s extinction. Still, the remains of this town have not yet been found.

Today Delilah the Witch is an old hag who lives alone in a disheveled cottage somewhere in the forests of Lokia. There she collects spiders and concocts unhealthy recipes both day and night due to the fact that she rarely sleeps. She also has an invalid brother who sometimes visits and is sometimes met in the surrounding woods picking toxic mushrooms and hunting for rats and other vermin to eat. One should keep their distance from such folk due to their evil nature and possibly ending up in their stew pot. Let it be noted that Delilah the Witch serves no one but herself and her miserable, half-witted brother.

Book 4 – The reign of king Leinad and king Kordus

There came a time when the second convoy of humans arrived upon the shores of Kimel Drago. These were the descendants of the settlers of Lokia who were in search of their brethren which they had never heard from again. This was a larger vessel and compared to the other humans with a fleet of six ships. These humans quickly settled into two kingdoms, Maggita and the Kingdom of Korbus.

11. The wilkolach and the troglodytarum

Of course, they found resistance with its former residents the wilkolach and the troglodytarum. The sheer number of people were able to push the wilkolach back to the confines of the Rydell mountain range and the troglodytarum back to the Odsted mountains. The gorblagon retreated to the hills of seriform and the giants of Kimel Drago became hunted to near extinction. It was the apex for humans on Kimel Drago. Their numbers continued to multiply as their kingdoms continued to get larger.

Two kingdoms with two kings King Leinad, a great warrior in his youth would become the king of Maggita while his former ally Korbus became the king of his own kingdom named after himself. King Leinad was brave and just while King Korbus was also generally lawful, yet had an occasional inclination to stray from what was right. King Leinad understood this and acted so.

12. Two magical crowns

It wasn’t long until King Leinad came upon Nithramous. The two became close friends and acted as King Leinads wizard and advisor. By this time Nithramous had become a very powerful wizard perfecting his craft making him the most powerful wizard of all Kimel Drago.

13. The second to last dragon

By this time there were but two dragons left on Kimel Drago, a female who laid a single egg and from that egg came the three-headed Dragon goronlocke. Unlike the family lineage that came before him, Goronlocke hatched from the egg with three heads. Normally, female dragons of his species will lay three eggs per nest.

Goronlocke came from a clutch of only one egg, having the other two heads of his would-be kin. Searching for an easy meal the mother Drago left her young to seek out the kingdoms of Maggita and Korbus. While the dragons attack came as a surprise to the residents of Maggita and lives were lost, the word quickly spread to the Kingdom of Korbus who knew of their peril. Between the two kingdoms, they were able to slay the Dragon once and for all.

14. The golden age of humans

It seemed nothing could stop the two kingdoms as they began to spread to the south much to the displeasure of the gorblagon, the haglid trolls, and the giblings who had lived in these areas. It seemed nothing could stand up to the two power kingdoms until one day that a black cloud would lay over the land and two kingdoms that would never be the same again.

Book 5 – The rise of Witalis Atrox and the fall of Maggita and Korbus

Book 6 – Magnus Adamanteus and the Quest for Kimel Drago

The Quest for Kimel Drago

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